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Chronic Pain is one of the most challenging conditions we face in today's world.

Chronic back pain alone costs the NHS £1 billion each year, but for individual people living with pain, the impact is incalculable and devastating. When we're in pain, routine activities become challenging, we feel tired, anxious and low in mood; physical fitness is hard to maintain and other people just don't seem to ‘get it'. Lifestyle changes occur as we struggle to hold on to employment, relationships with family and friends may become strained; physical and emotional wellbeing are compromised.

At the Dorset Community Pain Service we believe in providing timely and effective care to support people already suffering from chronic pain and to prevent others from developing it. In collaboration with our fantastic Service User/Patient Advisors, we have developed our multidisciplinary model of care, which is available around the county at Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport, Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford and Sherborne.

We hope you benefit from using this website and reading the information and factsheets provided. Each one links in to our 4 Pillars Model of Pain Management, which will help you set up and track your own personalised goals of recovery. Once you have logged on, you may enjoy interacting safely with other website users and exchange ideas... in an expanding and exciting world! Please do remember that your entries are private and staff working with you have no access to read what you enter - if you need our clinical support, just telephone the person working in therapy with you as you would normally do.

As ever, we would welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve not only our website but the entire service we provide. Please contact us using the link provided - we look forward to hearing from you!

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PhotoMeherzin Das
Clinical Lead
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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