Having run my own small company I was devastated when I was forced to retire because of chronic pain.  I have double curvature in my spine, arthritis, fibromyalgia and acute IBS.  I cannot take pain medication because of allergies. I rely heavily on the methods of pain control taught to me by the Pain Management Group (PMC).  Like most chronic pain sufferers black days can be found but after attending PMC I have learnt that I can distract from my pain.

I have many hobbies and also remotely run my sons appointment line (free!)  for his Physio Clinic which gives me a great opportunity to chat to many of the patients.

I’m told I am a good listener with a good sense of humour (laughter is a great medicine) and having lived with chronic pain for years I have a great understanding of the effects that pain has on every aspect of our lives.  

I have been volunteering for PMC for many years and I decided to be a pain coach to put back something to a team and a theory that I have derived so much help from. Also I felt strongly that people that experience the high and lows of chronic pain have a greater understanding of how you can so easily become overwhelmed, but how with help you can take control and begin to rebuild your life.