How do I get referred?

You will need to be referred by your GP who will discuss your options with you and provide you with some information.

All referrals made by your GP need to be put on the Choose and Book system or sent to the Atrium address in Dorchester.

Before offering any form of treatment, we would like to understand your comprehensive medical history in order to deliver the safest and most appropriate clinical treatment to you.

We have therefore designed a two-part form:

  • Part A: medical information, to be filled in by your GP and which they will do.
  • Part B: personal information, to be filled in by yourself – please return this to us in the envelope provided.

What happens after a referral?

Once we receive both parts of your completed form, we will: write to offer you an appointment to meet a member of our team to discuss your treatment We will allocate a Care Co-ordinator who will work with you to ensure that you receive the care agreed in a timely fashion.

When's the best time to be referred?

A referral should be made:

- when you have had pain for more than 3 months and

- either have a diagnosis or are seeking a diagnosis or

- agree and accept that the pain has become persistent and is having a significant impact on your day to day life

- If you have complex medication or treatment needs

- If the pain clearly can't be managed by the GP alone

  • If you are willing to work toward the ABCD mode:
    • Accept their pain
    • Become active partners with personal care plans which will be reviewed at agreed intervals
    • Cope better by managing their pain purposefully
    • Deal with life function affected by their pain

Speak to us about what might work for you on 01305 213040