Who is Pete?

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I'm Pete and my story is very typical of that of a pain patient.

I was, like many pain patients, looking for that magic bullet to take away the pain.

Managing my pain was like playing a game of snakes and ladders – a game of luck. Most days melted into the next and I was a very poor pain self-manager.

I didn't exercise or generally look after my body, I ate all the wrong foods and when something went wrong with it, I expected the doctor to fix me.

My turning point came in 1996 when I attended a Pain Management Programme. It was described to me as a programme that could help me increase my confidence and mobility and provide me with the pain toolkit of skills to self-manage my pain.

This programme finally gave me something that helped me turn the corner and live with my pain. I have been back in full time work since 2000 and, to date, I have never had a day off sick.

To cut a long story short, I now work solely on the Pain Toolkit concept, providing educational support for both patients and healthcare professionals, promoting pain self-management both in the UK and in Europe.

I look forward to receiving your questions.

All the very best


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