Education pathway

Currently, vets receive more hours training on pain than GPs! In order to improve awareness of Chronic Pain amongst Health Care Professionals around the county, various tiers of training have been designed and are already being delivered:

Primary Care:

Staff of the Dorset Community Pain Service, in conjunction with Wessex Deanery's Pain Fellow, will be meeting GPs and Primary Care Staff at all 104 GP Surgeries in Dorset.

Secondary Care:

Secondary care staff in Acute Hospitals, in Community Services and in Mental Health Services.


Trainees of the following specialities will be offered placements within the service: GPs, Anaesthetic Registrars, Psychology, Nursing, OT and Physiotherapy.

Trainees from the Wessex Deanery, Bournemouth University, Poole and Bournemouth College and Exeter University will have the continued opportunity to train under the supervision of our specialist staff team.

Voluntary Sector:

Our staff regularly accepts invitations to meet with members of various voluntary sector organisations to learn from the 'live' experiences of people living in pain and share relevant research with them.

External organisations:

We hope to link with the Job Centres, with Exercise Referral Scheme staff and other organisations in order to improve awareness of Chronic Pain.

Speak to us about what might work for you on 01305 213040