Think this service is suitable for you?

  1. To find out if the service is suitable for you, please answer the following four YES/NO questions. Your answer won’t be saved so please allow enough time to answer all the questions in one sitting.

  2. Question 1 of 4

    Before you start, please confirm whether you have either watched the video or read the transcript

    You need to have watched the video or read the transcript before you are suitable for a referral. It helps you to get the most out of the service if you attend with realistic expectations of what the service offers.

  3. Question 2 of 4

    As there is sometimes no known ‘cure’ for chronic pain, do you feel ready, willing and able to learn new emotional and behavioural strategies to transform the way you manage your pain?

    If you feel you are not quite ready to engage in pain management because there are other directions you would like to follow, please seek your GP’s support to discuss those options before activating a referral to our Service.

  4. Question 3 of 4

    Are you currently working with or waiting to see someone else about the same problem you are coming to discuss with the Pain Service?

    Receiving messages from different clinicians about the same problem can be quite confusing. We therefore ask that you finish your treatment with the other service before pursuing a referral with the Pain Service.

  5. Question 4 of 4

    Are you awaiting definitive treatment for your pain problem, e.g., surgery?

    If you are looking for more scans/investigations or for a treatment/cure, the Pain Service is most likely not going to be the right one for you. Your GP will be able to support you to obtain these elsewhere.

    All possible options which can help to ‘cure’ your pain need to be explored first so that you can embark on pain management from a position of readiness.