Coronavirus alert

Please note there are currently no face-to-face appointments being held. Contact 01305 363019 if you require assistance (currently the only phone number in operation). Check if you have Coronavirus sypmtoms at the NHS 111 website.

Consultants in Pain Medicine

Our medical team who specialise in pain will work with you to achieve an understanding of your pain. They will help to ensure that conditions which can be treated are not overlooked, although this may not always be possible, because pain science doesn't always have the answers. Once you understand the complexity of your pain condition you will be able to adopt strategies to engage with pain management techniques and continue living a meaningful life.

Our pain consultants provide medication advice in clinic and spinal and other injections in our theatres, as a holistic package of care. The national thinking around spinal injections has changed radically due to lack of substantial evidence for the injection of steroids. To learn more about this, please read the Dorset Spinal Injection Policy.