Coronavirus alert

Please note there are currently no face-to-face appointments being held. Contact 01305 363019 if you require assistance (currently the only phone number in operation). Check if you have Coronavirus sypmtoms at the NHS 111 website.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy is a vital part of pain management. Research shows that improving our fitness has a beneficial effect not only on our levels of pain, but also on our general health and well-being. Our bodies like to move, so gradually moving stiff joints, tight ligaments and muscles will be helpful when we try to carry out any activity. Of course, if these tissues have been painful for a long time and fitness and activity levels have decreased, all physical exercise has to be approached gently and a "bit at a time". This is why advice and support from physiotherapists who have an understanding of chronic pain is vital in enabling you to increase your levels of activity and overall fitness gradually and in a sustainable manner.