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Alison Purnell

Mindfulness Counsellor

I’ve been sharing my passion and experience as a Mindfulness Practitioner within the Dorset Pain Management Service since 2013. Learning much from people living with pain as we go, I’ve seen how a Compassionate Mindfulness approach can transform our relationship to pain and associated suffering. 

Most people can benefit from this approach- which is not just about meditation, but also about how we can live with more awareness, kindness and choice in our everyday lives with pain.

I am trained to deliver the Breathworks Mindfulness courses, as well as the Mindful Self-Compassion course, and can work with you individually, or in a group. I have worked with patients across all localities, and with various pain conditions to build these resources and grow their resilience.

I’m also a registered Occupational Therapist (mental health), and I’m listed on the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers Register, as meeting the national standards of training and good practice for Mindfulness Teachers.