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Pain Management Programmes

  • Group Programmes

    Dorset Pain Management Service provides group programmes which are designed to help you recognise the many areas of life chronic pain can affect. For some people the prospect of being in a group can seem quite daunting. However, despite these initial worries, most people find that being with other people who share similar difficulties is a really rewarding experience. Our group programs cover a number of topics and are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of experienced health care professionals including

    • Psychologists
    • Physiotherapists
    • OT's
    • Pain Nurse
    • Occupational Therapy assistants
    • Peer support

    It is ironic that though human beings have always experienced pain, our scientific knowledge still can't explain some of the pain conditions people suffer from.

    Pain management programmes are not aimed at treating your pain, though this may well be the result. They are aimed at providing you with tools to develop new ways of dealing with pain, different attitudes towards managing it, new skills, strengths and activities to replace ones you can no longer participate in, all of which bring a level of pleasure, accomplishment and self-esteem back into your life so that you can truly 'Soar above pain'.

    We offer a range of programmes within our service, including:

    • Pain Management Programme
    • Fibromyalgia Pain Management Programme
    • Older Persons Takeback Workshop
    • Sleep Group
    • Pelvic Pain Group
    • Exercise Group
    • Mindfulness for Health