Four pillars of pain management

The Four Pillars of Pain Management is the approach to helping you on your pathway to successful self-management of your pain. The Four Pillars of Pain Management aims to help manage our pain more effectively by considering various aspects, such as learning more about our bodies, building a healthy life-style, doing what matters most to you and developing greater emotional well-being.

So what does the Four Pillars of Pain Management mean and involve?

  • Using a ‘bio pschyo social’ approach to understand your pain, its causes and the way it affects  your body and mind system
  • Reversing the downward spiral of pain by improving fitness and mobility, mood and well-being
  • Engaging in a meaningful daily routine, practicing a variety of useful techniques such as pacing, relaxation, gentle exercise … being kind to oneself …
  • Making positive healthcare choices in order to manage pain more  effectively.

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