I am just 58 years old, have a great deal of empathy, am always looking for the positive in life and suffered chronic pain most of it.  Not until just 2 years ago did I begin to learn about chronic pain, begin to understand it and live with it more effectively.   I did this by taking part in the Pain Management Programme and for having this life changing opportunity I will be eternally grateful. 

I have always worked until just two years ago when my many conditions of which fibromyalgia and migraines are key players made this no longer possible. I had to make a sensible life choice to ensure that I can make life more effective and pleasurable whilst dealing with chronic pain and have now retired.  A hard choice to make when I have devoted my career in helping others, whether that be in education, volunteering in my local community or working in  drug  and alcohol services and lastly with the homeless,  it was however worth it!

Personally I use many techniques to control and live with my pain, one of which is mindfulness which has been a blessing in disguise. Heat and cold compresses are also a game changer as is a hot bath.   I am unable to take many medications.  I use movement to help and love a bit of seated Thai Chi. Using these techniques I am now able to control and live with my pain far more effectively.  I am me again!

By becoming a volunteer for the Pain Management Service I hope to be able to give back and to inspire others to move forward in their journey to manage their chronic pain so they too can enjoy life again.