I was unfortunate to suffer nerve damage during breast and lymph node surgery in 1996. That same year I also underwent a complete hysterectomy and lost my mother to ovarian cancer. The neuropathic pain because of the nerve damage was really unbearable and  I was soon referred to the Pain clinic where I had various treatments which helped in the short term. However it was when I learned about the then new Pain management programme and signed up to it that I learned over time to gain control over my life living with chronic pain. Another blow was dealt me when I developed a different pain alongside the neuropathic pain and that was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

Over the years I have gone through different episodes of emotion attached to the daily pain but  have  used my Pain management tools to engage  in positive activity like volunteering, learning to drive at 61years in order to gain more independence. I try to have the attitude that this is my one life and I’m going to make the most of it.  I have my bad days but I don’t define myself by them. I hope my own experience is where I can empathise with others also living with persistent pain.