Roland (Ben)

I am 66 years old and after studying biological sciences at university I worked for 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in a number of roles and locations. My career was ended abruptly due to ill health, a catastrophe at the time but, as it turned out, a blessing in disguise.

I have a number of interests and hobbies, the main ones being; the arts; fishing; and beekeeping.

Since my mid-forties I have suffered several health issues, principally associated with arthritic conditions, and have had multiple (17, I think) surgical procedures - most with some success, some not.

I had a number of complications with a hip replacement which is the main, but not only, source of the chronic pain that took me to the Dorset Pain Management Programme. A programme that has helped me greatly. So much so that I now want to give something back and help others with chronic pain to live and thrive, despite the debilitating effects – whoever they are and whatever the cause.