Pillar C: Doing what matters

As explained by the downward spiral of chronic pain, it’s only natural that people find it hard to continue to do the things that matter in life. It is often the pain that stops people doing things they value, not forgetting the added stressors that pain can cause such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, fear and low self-confidence.

It is really important that we try to continue to do things we enjoy despite the pain, to help us improve our quality of life. This may seem impossible at first, which is where goal setting can be really usefull. Small and achievable short term goals can allow us to work towards realistic long term goals. Achievable goals can also help to improve our confidence and sense of self worth.

In the categories below are some factsheets providing ideas and information around goal setting and how to maintain or return to roles and activities we value.  You can also find some links to local resources and organisations that maybe useful in working towards your goals.